At the climax of history,

Preparing the church to witness at the climax of redemptive history

Each of the churches in the first three chapters of Revelation represents a specific type of church that's likely to be found at any point in time in church history. That's obvious when we stop to think that all seven types of churches were in existence at the time John wrote the Book of Revelation. However, it's also clear that while all seven will be in existence at any one point in time, one of the seven will be predominant.

What Jesus is doing is describing each type of church - pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, not for the sake of condemning it, but for the sake of correcting it. Why? So that the church can play its role at the climax of redemptive history: A witness for the prosecution.

The video that's featured here was part of a sermon I preached while the Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship back in 2006.

Seven Letters Revelation #2 from Douglas Shearer on Vimeo.