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As promised, here is the followup to the last lesson I sent you. That lesson was entitled "The Heroic Deed" - and was meant to emphasize the truth that sanctification is much more than "I don't smoke, I don't chew, and I don't run with the girls who do" - that, in short, it's much more than a series of "don't do's," which is so often how it's taught in Bible classes and perceived by believers.

Yes, of course, sanctification requires that we "mortify the deeds of flesh" (Romans 8:13). But it's also about knowing that God is asking each of us to walk out his calling - a calling that's filled with meaning and high drama - that fills our lives with a sense of purpose and direction. That's essentially what sanctification is meant to do: prepare us to walk out God's calling.

On the one hand, God's calling is personal - and pertains to the particular gifts God has given each of us - some called to be pastors; some, teachers; some, prophets; some evangelists; etc. On the other hand, however, God's calling is not just personal, but corporate: involving not just churches, but whole generations. And such is true of our generation. 

Our generation is living in the End Times - and that imposes on us both the responsibility and the privilege of walking out all the Word of God teaches about the End Times. And that's what this lesson, Lesson 7, is all about - the need for us to answer that particular call. In short, the heroic deed Lesson 6 taught on is all about the End Times - and the part we're to play in that high drama. It's a drama the very angels of God, peering over the parapets of heaven, are envious of - a drama that calls on you to make your sanctification real and will provide you with the motivation to do so. It will draw you ever closer to God - so that words of the old Christian hymn ring true in your heart: "What have we to do with idols who have 'companied with Him!"

I've prepared a video in that regard and I'm asking you to watch it - and, then, think carefully about all it means to you and to your generation. Again, not just you, but your whole generation: your family, your fellow-believers, your partners in ministry, etc.  The link is below ...


The church has a rendezvous with Destiny that she's neglecting. And it's deadening her. from Douglas Shearer on Vimeo.