Ever Increasing Immorality

The ever mounting immorality through-out

Theologian Jim Wallis Affirms Gay Lifestyle

Christian Beliefs Incompatible with Foster Care

Alan Manning's Apology to Gays and Lesbians

Exodus International Shut Down with Apology

Tracking the changes from the '1950s to present

Boy Scouts Capitualte to Gays

Gay Marriage Wins

World Turned Upside Down

Pastor Rob Bell Affirms Gay Lifestyle

Theologian Tony Jones Affirms Gay Lifestyle


1. The Boy Scouts Capitulate

No matter how you cut it, the boy scouts have caved to political correctness - and are lifting their ban on gays in scouting. At the moment, only the scouts themselves are afftected, not their leaders. However, who can doubt that with this first step, it's just a matter of time before the ban is lifted on leaders also?

Posted June 20, 2013

2. Time Magazine Declares "Gay Marriage" Wins

The cover of Time Magazine shows, on two separate occasions, gays kissing, one of men and the other of women. Whatever the truth may be, the fact that gay marriage has come this far is a sure fire indication that the trend toward ever increasing immorality is far along and won't be stopped.

Posted June 20, 2013

3. Melanie Phillips - "The World Turned Upside Down"

Melanie Phillips is a highly reputed British journalist and scholar. She began her career as an unabashed liberal, but over the years has undergone a dramatic change in her thinking. Her lecture here is excellent - and serves to put into perspective the vast changes that have taken place in just the last fifteen to twenty years - on a whole litany of issues, but most especially gay rights and political correctness generally.

Posted June 20, 2013

4. Evangelical Pastor Rob Bell affirms gay life-style

"What we're seeing right now in this day, I believe God pulling us ahead into greater and greater affirmation and acceptance of our gay brothers and sisters and pastors and friends and neighbors and co-workers," Bell said. "And we're realizing that God made some of us one way and some of us another."

Posted June 20, 2013

5. Evangelical Pastor and Theologian Tony Jones affirms gay life-style

Tony Jones knows what it's like for Christian leaders like Jim Wallis and Rob Bell to come out in favor of gay marriage. After he came out in support of gay marriage, Jones lost work and publishing contracts. "There's a cost when you are a Christian leader and you come out in favor of marriage equality," said Jones, theologian and author of "Questions that Haunt Christianity." "However, there's a time when you have to look at where your heart is leading."

Posted June 20, 2013

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