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The truth explored in the film "Contagion"

Here in this video, the film's producers and directors along with various scholars, discuss the reality underlying the block-buster film "Contagion" - which depicts the breakout of a world-wide epidemic that world health authorities are at least intially helpless to stop.

Posted June 20, 2013
Posted June 24, 2013

Screenshot20130626at101757AMThe scariest infectious diseases right now

Article published by Fox News June 26, 2013
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Between the emergence of the deadly MERS and H7N9 viruses – and the success of Brad Pitt’s new “Word War Z” in which a viral outbreak turns half the world into zombies – it’s easy to be nervous about potentially dangerous germs and bacteria lurking around on surfaces and in the air. Dr. Daniel Caplivski, director of the Travel Medicine Program and associate professor in the division of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, detailed some of the most worrisome infectious diseases out there right now – and what’s being done about them.
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