Ever Increasing Immorality

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6. Evangelical Pastor and Theologian Jim Wallis advocates a new "moral logic"

Jim Wallis discusses the idea of a new moral logic. There are more issues than just gay marriage and abortion, and we need to start the conversation about poverty and the environment. In short, Wallis is pressing Evangelicals to lessen the importance of personal morality and instead stress the need to address social justice.

Posted June 20, 2013

7. Christian couple's belief that homosexuality is wrong keeps them from becoming foster parents

A Christian couple in the United Kingdom is battling for the right to become foster parents after a controversial ruling by a Briitish court. The judge said their biblical beliefs about homosexuality make them unfit to take care of children... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN
Posted June 20, 2013

8. Alan Chamber's Public Apology

Alan Manning's, leader and founder of Exodus International, issues a public apology for having promoted and practiced "gay reparative therapy" since 1972. He has concluded that it doesn't work, and that Christians and Christian churches - especially Evangelical churches - need to openly embrace their gay brothers and sisters, stressing love rather than sin.

Posted June 20, 2013
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9. Exodus Leader Apologizes on Oprah

For almost 40 years, Exodus International claimed to offer a "cure" for homosexuality. Alan Chambers, the leader of Exodus, decided last year to stop endorsing the controversial practice of gay-reparative therapy. And now, he has a new message: an apology.

Sneak Peek: Lisa Ling's Special Report - God & Gays

Posted June 20, 2013
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