Marriage Ministry
"The Agonia"
Marriages among Christians - including
The Agonia:
Restoring Marriages for the glory

Back in 1995, I found myself searching for an effective program that would help to restore the many troubled marriages at the church I pastored - as well as at the churches of so many of my fellow pastors here in the Sacramento area. (Press this link to get an idea of how prevalent troubled marriages are among Christians) The more I looked, the more I became convinced that I needed to take matters into my own hands. Too many of the programs I looked into were geared toward healing marriages that were only a little troubled. Unfortunately, the marriages I was seeking to help were deeply troubled. The eventual result was a year and a half class consisting of eight separate sessions, each of which was guided by its own separate manual. Well over 200 couples enrolled in the class before I retired - with excellent results for those who completed the class.

What caught us completely by surprise were the large numbers of unsaved couples who enrolled in the program - and who, in taking the class, became believers. In short, we found this class to be a very effective evangelism ministry.

Links to each of the manuals are provided below; but that's only the beginning. I have much more to do on this page to explain the program. Still, I thought it necessary to post the manuals right away because they're being used in on-going classes as far away as South Dakota.

If you wish to start a class of your own, please, before doing so, let me know. There's more to it than simply reading through the manuals. You can e-mail me by pressing here.



1. Agonia Student - Book #1 - Getting Started Agonia #1

Marriage Manuals

Each of the student manuals, which together comprise the entire marriage ministry called "The Agonia," is listed to the left. You can access each one by pressing on its pdf link.

2. Agonia Student - Book #2 - Forgiveness Agonia #2

3. Agonia Student - Book #3 - Relationships and Coping Devices Agonia #3

4. Agonia Student - Book #4 - Faith Agonia #4

5. Agonia Student - Book #5 - Authentic Spirituality Agonia #5

6. Agonia Student - Book #6 - Rediscovering One Another Agonia #6

7. Agonia Student - Book #7 - Sexual Intimacy Agonia #7

8. Agonia Student - Book #8 - Authority Agonia #8